Being Creative Means You’re Thinking!

Hi Everyone!

Hope you are enjoying some time to be creative this week.  I know it seems like you don’t have the time to stop and be creative, but if you TAKE the time to slow down and do some of the things you love, you will find that it helps with how you look at life and how you enjoy the things around you.

What Does being creative really Mean?

Being creative means changing your perspective, taking risks and ignoring doubt and facing fears. It means breaking with routine and doing something different for the sake of doing something different. It means mapping out a thousand different routes to reach one destination. It means challenging yourself every day. Being creative means searching for inspiration in even the most mundane places. It means asking silly questions. It means creating without critiquing. Being creative means you know how to find the similarities and differences between two completely random ideas.  Being creative means you’re thinking!

JOin a Class this Wednesday Night- A chance to branch out!

I read that Experts somewhere argue that getting into a state of flow can produce substantial happiness, the kind that lasts longer than the pleasure we get from eating a good cookie.

Let’s get creative together.  Check out my classes and I can’t promise a cookie but when you come to Vintage Vino and Espresso on Wednesday, June 14th from 6-8:30 for my quilled wallhanging class (or for any class at Vintage), I promise a free hot or cold drink – which might be just as good if you get a yummy flavor!  Save your seat now for tomorrow night HERE.


 it’s officially farmer’s market season!

Hi Everyone!  This Saturday I will be at the Kent Farmer’s Market from 9-2.  Then, on Sunday at the Ballard Market from 10-3.

I am pretty excited for the Market season to open so I can get out there and meet more of you and share about what everyone is working on.

Stop by my booths this weekend and say, “hello,” I look forward to seeing you!  Looking for a Father’s Day or graduation present?  I may have just what you are looking for! I also have some new summer designed cards that are really fun.  Come check them out!

Directions to the markets are under my “about” tab and under “shows.”

P.S. I will be sending out a  quarterly newsletter so stay tuned and check your inbox tomorrow!

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

Remembering my grandfather and grandmother who served in WW2 today and my brother who is currently in active service as I quilled this star last night. Thank you to all who served and those that  still are helping to keep our country free.

Look for my email newsletter coming out in June.  Let me know if you’d like to receive it.  There will be lot’s of good things in there plus a free pattern of the star pictured for you to use for Independence Day or wherever your creativity takes you!

Early 2016 Events

It’s been a busy first two months of 2016. First, I had my son, Miles, in January. In between caring for him and his older sister, I’ve been working on two academic journal articles that just appeared (if you’re interested, here’s a link: In between all of that, I’ve got several requests for new quilling and papercrafting classes at the local library branches in King County. If you live in King County and want to see all of my upcoming class, visit my facebook page (Emily’s Papercrafts or Emily Mallory). Also, I’ve been getting several amazing custom orders that have been filling up my spare moments. However, I’m still hoping to have “zoo” animals on my Etsy store (EmilysPapercrafts4u) by the end of the week.


The last couple of weeks I’ve been working on building an extensive paper zoo. One of the most recent zoo acquisitions has been crocodiles. I like making crocodiles because as I work on them, I’m reminded of one of my favorite children’s books by B. Waber. He wrote several wonderful books about Lyle the Crocodile. If you want a crocodile for yourself, they’ll be available at my art show on April 9, 2016 or in person at the opening Farmers’ Market in Issaquah, WA. If you want one sooner, email me and we’ll get you set up with your own crocodile.