Patterns & Ideas

Click Patriotic Star Greeting Card Instructions for a pdf of a quilled star to make into a greeting card or use it at Christmas as a greeting card or tree ornament.

Click Quilling Basics for a pdf of quilling basics and simple greeting card patterns.

Click Quilling Christmas Basics for a pdf of simple Christmas designs that work great for ornaments, gifts, or on greeting cards.

Click Quilling Basic Snowflakes for a pdf of two simple snowflakes that make beautiful Christmas tree ornaments, gifts, or on greeting cards.

Click Origami Basics Frog & Box for a pdf for origami patterns to make a pond (box) and jumping frogs. This is a great activity for kids (and adults) to play a game together and see how many frogs you can get into the pond! A heavier paper, like index cards works great for the frogs (start with a 3″x1 1/2″ rectangle for the frog and a 6″ or larger square for the pond box).

Click Origami star for a pdf for an origami star pattern. Using kite or tissue paper creates a translucent star but regular paper works well too. For more ideas that are similar to this basic star, check out “Home Decorating with Origami” by Tomoko Fuse.

For those of you at one of my recent (Dec. 2015) origami classes, here is the link to the origami wreath we made. I have learned making several of these, where you decide to link the pieces together changes how “pointy” or “round” the wreath is. If you position the small square on the other corner than is shown in the directions, the wreath will be more round.