are you a creative person?


Hope you are all enjoying this fabulous summer and getting around to doing something creative with any extra time that you have.  Don’t forget to share your creativity with your kids and grandkids or even the neighbor’s kids.  It’s all worth it.

Emily’s Bites of Fun:  Creative people really do see the world differently.  Some of the things that come to light as we look at creative people can be quite interesting. Their willingness to be flexible and original can make for a very different personality from other people but it helps us understand them a little more.  At  “” they have put together some interesting information and some reflective exercises for you to see how creative you really are.  Check them out  HERE  and let me know if you found out something about yourself that you didn’t know before!  I see some traits that I didn’t know about myself but they really do ring true!  Have fun!

Here is a list of some of the attributes of creative people:

  • Independent, anti‑authoritarian
  • Divergent thinker
  • Generally considered intelligent
  • Open to new ideas
  • Little tolerance for boredom
  • Willing to undertake stimulating challenges, curious and inquisitive
  • Self‑actualizer
  • Aesthetically-inclined
  • Above average use of brain functions located in the right hemisphere
  • Strong imagery ability
  • Abilities of synthesis; tasting color, seeing sound, hearing smells
  • Generally unaffected by peer pressure
  • Versatile and adaptable
  • Score high on Torrance Tests of Creative Ability in the following areas:
  • fluency‑‑produce numerous ideas
  • flexibility‑‑produce variety of ideas and approaches
  • originality‑‑novel ideas
  • elaboration‑‑fill in details
  • redefinition‑‑define or perceive in way different from the average

Personal Note: Having your supplies handy when you start any kind of project is vital  If you have to constantly get up to get something you might lose interest or get distracted.  Make a list for the times you feel that you had everything you needed.  You may add to it but it will make the next project go much smoother.  Don’t lose heart, keep going and you will get your “groove.”  Most of all?  Have fun!

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History Galore

Hi Everyone!

There is a lot of history being remembered today.  We remember that our independence cost something and that we are so thankful to be free in this country.  Because  we are free we can celebrate with friends and family making priceless memories.  Have fun doing that, it’s all history you will share one day with a loved one.

Emily’s Bites of Fun: (The History of Quilling) The ornate rolls and scrolls of quillwork were most likely inspired by metal filigree, the art of shaping fine silver and gold wires into delicate, open designs.  Handmade papers were far less costly that these precious metals but could be shaped in similar ways.  Quilling therefore proved to be an aesthetically pleasing and economical alternative to the elaborate metal art is resembled.  To emphasize this resemblance, some quillwork was even gilded.

Personal Note: I have had a couple more places ask to sell some of my cards.  One place is a children’s boutique called, “Little Spruce.” I have made some little girls and boys cards that can go along with a gift for a newborn or even a toddler.  It’s pretty exciting to take a craft that you do and tailor it to find a niche’ that someone can use in their place of business and add a creative flavor in the meantime.  Thank you to them and I look forward to working with them again in the future. I have also picked up some new class times and locations for July, so check out my webpage to see more. Hope to see you there and if you are the first to sign up for a class you get a free Quilling Kit!  Save your spot now!

Have a happy and safe 4th – Talk to you soon,

Emily’s Papercrafts Small Bites of Fun

farmer’s Markets and the Newsletter

Saturday was a big day for me.  It was my first Farmer’s Market in Kent and I had a great time meeting up with those who have previously taken my classes and those who wanted some special orders.  All in all, it was a great day!

Then, as some of you know, it was also the day that I sent out my very first newsletter by email.  The name of my newsletter is “Refreshing Rain” and it can be seen on Facebook under my page on a previous post (there are some Father’s Day card ideas along with instructions to make the Independence Day star).  I will be sending the newsletter out quarterly so as not to junk up your inbox. Occasionally I will send out a new pattern or idea I have come up with in the between months. If you would like to be added to the newsletter email, contact me on my website.

This week I have already received a second order from the Seattle Space Needle for more cards and wall hangings.  That was fast!  Don’t forget to look up some of my items for sale in the Space Needle Gift Shop when you are downtown Seattle!

June 14th will be a fun class of making your own quilled wall hanging – Don’t miss this class, save a seat now by clicking HERE. (Class checkout is at the bottom of the page).  While you are there, check out all my class times this summer and let’s get creating!

Tip for the week:  A torn end of quilling paper blends in easier than a cut edge.

 it’s officially farmer’s market season!

Hi Everyone!  This Saturday I will be at the Kent Farmer’s Market from 9-2.  Then, on Sunday at the Ballard Market from 10-3.

I am pretty excited for the Market season to open so I can get out there and meet more of you and share about what everyone is working on.

Stop by my booths this weekend and say, “hello,” I look forward to seeing you!  Looking for a Father’s Day or graduation present?  I may have just what you are looking for! I also have some new summer designed cards that are really fun.  Come check them out!

Directions to the markets are under my “about” tab and under “shows.”

P.S. I will be sending out a  quarterly newsletter so stay tuned and check your inbox tomorrow!