august means respected and impressive

“When summer gathers up her robes of glory, And, like a dream, glides away.”
Sarah Helen Whitman

Emily’s Bites of Fun:

As I looked up the word August, I found that it meant respected and impressive.  I then felt satisfied with the meaning.  Summer is not over by any means where I live.  The temperatures are still above 80.  But, I yearn a little for the coolness of fall and it will be here soon enough. Respected and Impressive must mean the eclipse and how amazing that was!  For this year, anyway.

Here’s a paragraph taken from, “The Book of Paper Quilling” by Malinda Johnston:

  • “Paper filigree pictures were also popular; coats of arms and floral designs were favorite themes.  Many designs combined quilling with other paper-craft items: cut-paper flowers, folded paper, crimped paper (pressed into small ridges), and huskings (loops made by wrapping paper around upright pins). Furniture, too, was decorated with quillwork, which was set into recessed areas in cabinet doors and drawers.”

A Note From Emily: 
Respected and Impressive?  Yes!! My family and I traveled to see the eclipse this last weekend in totality.  It was an amazing memory that we will not forget anytime soon, if at all.  The traffic coming back was crazy but we all knew we were traveling for the same reason and everyone was in a pretty good mood.  I am so thankful that we got to experience this once in a lifetime event (hopefully there will be another one but probably not anytime soon) and that my older child might even remember it.  Time will tell.  Into the history books it goes – priceless!


Saturday, September 2nd, from 11 am to 1 pm “Love Seattle Greeting Cards”,  at Impress Cards and Crafts in University Village (just north of University of Washington campus). Come learn how to create papercrafted greeting cards showcasing highlights of Seattle using die cuts, stamping, sliders, and quilling. Cost is $35. To register, please call the store at (206) 526-5818.
(More classes to come, check back soon)

Still thinking about the eclipse and how cool it was,