kid’s classes, new adult classes and Seafair are all coming!


Emily’s Bits of Fun: Let’s talk about tension.  No, I don’t mean the kind you have when the kids are melting down, dinner needs to be made and it’s late, or life just isn’t going right.  I mean the type of tension you use when you are quilling a scroll or any kind of circle.  I have found that the smaller you want your circle or scroll to be, the tighter the tension should be.  Also, the larger you want your circle or scroll to be, the looser your tension should be, regardless of the actual size of the item.  I was usually using the same tension for everything and then adjusting or trying to fix it after the fact.   It took me awhile to figure this out and I have been doing this a while.  It’s always fun when the “light” comes on and you think, “Hey, this is much easier than what I was doing!”  So, adjust your tension and see how that makes a difference.  Just a little tip that I hope you can use during your projects.

Personal Note:
New Classes: Some new classes at “Camp Westfield” at Southcenter starting this Thursday, July 27th from 10-11 am for ages 3 and up.  The first class is free and this is part of Westfield’s Summer Day Camps for kids.  I will be there for 5 weeks on Thursdays teaching and having fun from 10-11.  Please contact Michelle Giles at 206.802.6048 for details on classes and any pricing that will happen after the first class.  New Classes at Vintage: September through November are booked at Vintage Vino & Espresso every 3rd Tuesday and Thursday – Check my “Class” schedule starting in mid-August to sign up for those classes. Farmer’s Markets: I have had so much fun at the Farmer’s Markets this summer.  I always meet a great bunch of creative and fun people.  My last market for the season will be on Wednesday, August 9th in Wallingford.  HERE is the info on the WFM.  Seafair: Seafair starts this weekend with the Torchlight parade on Saturday evening.  There is always something fun to do at Seafair – check out the schedule HERE. 

Stay cool, craft on and talk to you soon!