The Health Benefits of having a hobby

Hi Everyone!

Emily’s Bits of Fun: Pull out your knitting needles: Grandma was on to something with that ever-lengthening  scarf tucked in her handbag. Whether you’re into gardening, or even cross-stitch, new research has found that hobbies are just as important to good health as exercise is, thanks to their ability to relieve stress. That’s right and not one of them is better than another.

There have been studies over the years that followed over 100 adults as they went about their daily activities. Participants wore heart monitors and also completed surveys periodically to report their activities and how they were feeling. After three days, the researchers found that people who engaged in leisure activities like hobbies were 34 percent less stressed and 18 percent less sad during the activities. Not only did they report feeling happier, but their heart rates were lower—and the calming effect lasted for hours. All in all? Stress was reduced drastically.

Personal Note: I have had the pleasure of teaching a lot of classes so far this summer and as i look at my calendar I see that  it’s going to be just as crazy and fun in the next few months as it is now.  Don’t forget to sign up for a class and remember if you are the first one to do so, there will be a free quilling kit given out.

Talk soon and hope to see you at a class or at a market!