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I am in the process of updating my website and my Square store, so please be prepared for a few hiccups or missing links. If you can’t find something, please email me (emily@emilyspapercrafts.com) and I’ll get back to you within 48 hours or less.

Mother’s Day & Kids DIY

Here is a fun and easy DIY to do with your kids for Mother’s Day (or Valentine’s Day) or for any other day or person needing a little gift.

Start with laying out a piece of wax paper (aluminum foil or something that is easy to clean up afterwards), open up a puzzle you’re ready to part with and lay out about 20-25 pieces (if you’re using larger puzzle pieces, you’ll need even more pieces). The glossy side will appear glossier when finished than the rougher cardboard side.

Add a little white and red acrylic paints (blend some white and red together to get pink) and paint your puzzle pieces. If you wish, sprinkle a little glitter on the pieces while the paint is wet for a sparkly effect. Allow the paint to dry–depending on how much paint is used, you may need to do a second coat of paint.

Once the paint is dry, lay a single layer pieces in a heart shape. Grab some tacky glue and add small dots of glue where another piece will overlap the “gap” between the bottom layer of pieces. Add a third layer of puzzle pieces. Add a fourth layer of pieces if desired for extra strength.

Present your puzzle heart to a special person or hang it as a decoration from a window.

King County Library Pattern

For my program on April 28, 2020 with King County Library System on Facebook live (Emily’s Papercrafts), you’ll need the following pattern. You can print it or trace it exactly as it appears on the page. You’ll need it positioned as it is for it to work as an easy greeting card template. Pattern can also be found under the “Patterns and Ideas” tab.

KCLS Iris Folding Pattern

Pie Day!

I decided to post something totally different today because it’s Pie Day (3.14)! And everyone in my house loves pie….. so what more of an excuse did I need today??

I’m including my go-to recipe for pie dough and some substitutions if you’re caught stuck at home today (or the rest of the month) and need an activity to keep you (and the kids) sane. This recipe half’s and double nicely depending on just how much pie you want. I haven’t played around with a wide variety of flours and ingredients, but in honor of 3.14 and that it’s an infinite number and never ever repeats, experiment and try something new. The recipe listed below makes three pie shells.

2 cups of flour (your choice of flours)

1 teaspoon of salt

2/3 cup shortening ( softened butter works too but don’t microwave it, you don’t want liquid butter!)

Mix and blend these ingredients together in a bowl using a fork or your hands. The dough should be crumbly. Add approximately 2 Tablespoons of cold water and stir together. The dough should stick together and easily become a ball of dough if you scoop some out of the bowl. Roll out your dough (thirds works well if you made a full batch) on a floured counter. 

Now for some fun options! I decided to make bite-sized pies using a mini muffin pan (as well as a larger pie for later with my regular pie plate). Look around your kitchen for either a pie plate, muffin tins, canning jar lids (the twisting cap part), a square glass baking dish–just about anything will work, even cookie cutter shapes–more about this later.

Bake your pie shapes at 350 degrees for about 15-20 minutes until the dough is turning golden brown around the edges and/or it loses its dough look and looks more solid. Allow it cool, which can take about 10 minutes or longer depending on the size of your pie shell or shapes.

I had am instant chocolate pudding mix on hand, but you can use just about anything for a filling, pre-made pudding, ice cream, jam, whipped cream, you name it. When all else fails, try a new filling!

If you decided to use cookie cutters for an unusual twist on pie, you can sprinkle cinnamon sugar on top of them before you bake the cookies for a yummy treat. Or use your plain pie cookies after they’re baked as a dipper for dipping into a pudding or a jam.

Enjoy your pie!

(For some reason WordPress doesn’t want me to show off my pies….. so head over to my Instagram or Facebook page for a picture of my mini bite pies.)

Paper Money

It’s been awhile since posting….. during that time I’ve spent many hours with my newest and little member of the family. During those wonderful hours, I’ve tried to put the time to use by reading; and I’ve read a lot!

So it only seems fitting to share some interesting tidbits of what I’ve read and learned about paper, and paper money in the United States in particular. It also seems fitting as this past week and next week we celebrate Presidents’ Day and several presidential birthdays.

George Washington was president from 1789-1797. One of his jobs as president was working with Alexander Hamilton to stabilize the nation’s economy and to consolidate the money crisis in the United States. The United States was the first country in the world to issue paper money. Paper money was first printed and used to pay for the military expenses of the American Revolution. The Philadelphia mint was the first official building built in the United States. In 1792, Alexander Hamilton (Secretary of the Treasury) decided to divide a dollar into hundredths, thus introducing decimals–another world first in terms of money. Hamilton, in an effort at cohesion among the newly united states, decided the federal government should to take on all individual state debt incurred from the Revolutionary War. However, several states had small wartime debts or had already made substantial payments toward their debt and did not want to help pay for other states’ debts. The state of Virginia was one of the states that had minimal debt remaining and was displeased. Hamilton worked with their state government leaders and came to a compromise: if Virginia would join the others in paying the debt, they could have the lasting privilege and notoriety of having the  national capitol within the state’s borders.

Upcoming Events and Changes

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted…. It’s been a busy summer with lots of fun summer classes and programs. Plus my family and I are days to maybe a couple of weeks away from welcoming the newest littlest member of our family, another little boy!! So, if I continue to be off-radar for another month, please know that I’ll be back the beginning of Oct. with a bunch of fun and new blogs about paper and crafting and having fun with three kids! Thanks for your patience!

Summer – Here We Come!

Emily’s Bites of Fun: “I found that I could say things with color and shapes that I couldn’t say any other way – things I had no words for.” Georgia O’Keefe

Ready for some spring and summer fun time? Check out a class from below. See you there!

Below are details for upcoming classes and the registration process. If you would like to see a class offered that is not listed here, please email me and we can work on getting a class scheduled (emily@emilyspapercrafts.com).

Emily’s Papercrafts Class Loyalty Program. Some of the classes offered below (all “Evening Out” classes) qualify for a loyalty program. You take 4 classes at full price, get the 5th class half-off, or for $15 off.


June 15th and July 27th I will be at the Maple Valley Farmer’s Market.  For more info about the market click HERE.  Stop by and say hello!


Let’s Go Big: 11×14 Wall Hanging June 18 6-9pm at Vintage Vino and Espresso (next to Fred Meyer) in Maple Valley. Come learn how to create a paper masterpiece and enjoy some wine at the same time! You’ll go home with a ready to hang 11×14 matted and framed stunning wall hanging. Cost is $89 (wine not included). Reserve your seat here.

Monogram Quilling Wall Hanging July 22 6-9pm at Vintage Vino and Espresso (next to Fred Meyer) in Maple Valley. Come learn a new style of quilling using loops and open space while crafting your own alphabet letter. You’ll go home with a framed wall hanging ready for your wall or a friend’s. Cost is $38 (wine not included). Reserve your seat here


Tatting Lace 101 June 3 5:30-7:30pm. We’ll spend the evneing learning how to tat lace using a single shuttle. You’ll make a handful of unique greeting cards perfect for spring! Please register through the store at (253) 862-6822 and to obtain a list of supplies you need to bring. Cost is $30.

Quilling with Distress Inks July 8 6-7:30pm. In this class we’ll explore ways of incorporating distress inks with quilling techniques to create several greeting cards. Please register through the store at (253) 862-6822 and to obtain a list of supplies you need to bring. Cost is $20.


Summer Camp is forming! Registration is required and is available at http://www.covingtonwa.gov/parks/ .More information and details are available in the Parks and Recreation Guide.


I’m Puzzled! June 21 5-7pm at Impress Cards and Crafts in Tukwila (120 Andover Park E). Love puzzles?? Combine your love of puzzles with greeting cards with these unusual greeting cards. This class will be much better with some friends! Chocolate provided! Please bring double-sided tape. Cost is $35. To register, please call the store at (206) 901-9101.


Please check with individual libraries if the program requires registration and age requirements.

Quilling Greeting Cards and Magnets at the Tillicum Library June 10 12:30-1:30pm.

Star Origami at the Maple Valley Library June 22 10am-12pm (drop-in format).

Summer Library Programs: (Remember all summer programs may require registration and have specific ages limitations, please check with the individual library branch hosting the program.)

Star Wars Origami: 

July 9 at Bonney Lake 2:30-4pm

July  11 at Gig Harbor 2-3:30pm

July 14 at Kirkland 1-2:30pm

July 24 at Des Moines 1-2:30pm

July  29 at University Place 5-6:30pm

July 30 at Woodinville 7-8:30pm

July 31 at Steilacoom 2-3:30pm

Aug. 3 at DuPont 3-4:30pm

Aug. 6 at Orting 6-7:30pm

Aug. 7 at University Place 3:30-5pm

Aug. 8 at Carnation 6:30-8pm

Aug. 13 at Mercer Island 1-2:30pm

Stellar Greeting Cards:

June 19 at Sumner Library 6:30-8pm

July 9 at Milton 6-7:30pm

July 16 at Key Center 3-4:30pm

July 23 at South Hill 7-8:30pm

Aug. 10 at Gig Harbor 10:30-12pm

Other Summer Programs:

July 10 at Seattle Library (off-site) Toy Box Origami 1:30-2:30pm

July 13 at Enumclaw Library Yoda Origami (kids) 11-12pm

July 24 at Kent Library Origami Flowers 3:30-5pm

Aug. 4 at Greenwood Library Toy Box Origami 2-3pm

Aug. 5 at Broadview Library Quilling Bug Windows 3:30-5pm